About Greenleaves Herbal Healthcare

Did you know that herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicinal healing known to man? Still in use by over 80% of the global population, it crosses all cultures and is world renowned for its nurturing, natural properties.

Often referred to as complementary or alternative medicine, herbal remedies stimulate your body’s own healing process. Herbs work by strengthening your body, gradually restoring health, balance and wellbeing.

Herbal medicines are made from organically-grown or wild-crafted plants. Typically, a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark or flowers form the basis of herbal medicine prescriptions.

Prepared in either water or alcohol. Prescriptions range from tinctures, herbal teas and steam-distilled aromatic waters, to creams, ointments, capsules and tablets.

Patricia, a leading London medical herbalist, is trained in both modern and plant medicine. However, herbal medicine takes the holistic approach by focusing on the person, not just the condition.

When you visit Patricia at Greenleaves, she will tackle the root cause of your illness – incorporating lifestyle and diet advice within the treatment process.

Stress and illness can make your everyday life a real challenge. Herbal medicine helps you rejuvenate your health using the power of  nature.

Greenleaves is a herbal medicine haven in Croydon, South East London offering natural, holistic healthcare. Patricia Ferguson, a highly  trained herbalist, is behind Greenleaves’ success.


  • Treats a range of common health problems
  • Offers health recovery consultations in person and by phone
  • Dispenses herbal prescriptions and natural remedies
  • Sells a range of herbal health & clay skincare products in the online shop
  • Runs raw food classes and workshops

Patricia Ferguson – Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons) CPP

Patricia Ferguson - Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons) CPP

Patricia is a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP); a governing body for qualified medical herbalists.

A firm believer that you have the power to make profound changes, Patricia aims to support you on your journey – and help you resolve ongoing health problems.

She has not only published several articles, but has served as health expert for Holland & Barrett’s Healthy magazine. At a local level, she regularly dispenses health advice in a health food shop.

You can also find a wealth of information on medicinal herbs and living food on Patricia’s blog The Living Pharmacy.

Raw food and healthy eating specialist

Passionate raw food enthusiast, Patricia is the only medical herbalist in the UK who combines living food teaching with herbal medicine.

After discovering how enzymes in living food benefit your health, improve looks and increase vitality, Patricia pursued her interest further. Now, she successfully teaches others how to incorporate raw foods into their lives.

A member of the Permaculture Association, Patricia’s interest in self-sufficiency and sustainable living, extends beyond her practice.

To complement her alternative health treatments, she sells a range of healthcare and skincare products. Find out more by contacting Patricia on 0845 468 0823, or simply email your enquiry here.