Hay fever relief

Hay fever symptoms (or allergic rhinitis) as it’s also known are all too familiar. Sneezing, watery eyes and runny noses tend to be in full swing at this time of year.

What causes Hay Fever?

Approximately 20 per cent of British people suffer from hay fever. Hay fever symptoms emerge when your immune system develops an allergic reaction to the pollen from flowers, trees and grasses. Mucous membrane cells lining the nose, eyes and mouth trigger the release the chemical, histamine. This then triggers the symptoms of an allergic reaction and the misery that comes with it.

While there are no actual hay fever cures, there are many measures that can be taken for hay fever relief and to reduce your overall sensitivity.

Hay Fever Treatments

Hay fever remedies can reduce the allergic response and many seek a natural approach, especially herbal medicine, in managing their symptoms. Some effective hay fever treatments contain herbs like Eyebright, Elderflower, Ephedra, Plantain and Nettle.   Both Chamomile and Nettle have natural anti-histamine properties.  Used with anti-catarrhal remedies such as Eyebright and Elderflower the combination can bring you much relief.

Hay Fever Relief

Hay fever is a condition that is often difficult to treat successfully at home and without professional help, but many people are able to decrease their sensitivity to pollen by eating local honey daily, well in advance of the pollen season.  In addition, try drinking 1-2 cups of elderflower and eyebright tea daily, again, starting about one month before the pollen season kicks in; and continuing throughout.

About the author: Patricia Ferguson is a Consultant Medical Herbalist at Greenleaves Herbal Healthcare, a Herbal medicine practice in South London, near Croydon.  For help with hay fever relief, fill in the consultation form, or call on 0845 468 0823.

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