Hello everyone

I’m so excited!! My book has just been published. It’s been a long time coming! It’s called The Best Kept Secrets to Health & Vitality – Fit & Fabulous at 50.  It was written with an old friend and it charts our transformation made possible by the health practices that have become part of our everyday lives.  Both of us have been transformed by our lifestyle and eating habits (both inside and out) and we wanted to share them with you.

I suppose our message is: Never let age be a barrier to how good you can look and feel!
The book’s chapters include:

  • Nutrition, raw food & recipes
  • Juicing and juice fasting
  • Health benefits of detoxing
  • Our health & physical transformation
  • Exercise for health & longevity
  • Make your own natural care products
  • Antibiotics, probiotics and your immune system
  • Nourishing herbal infusions
  • Introduction to Raw & Vegan Menu plan

I’ll be writing about some of these topics in the following updates.  In particular I’ll be talking a bit about rebounding, a wonderful way to get fit, lose weight, tone up and all without  putting strain on your joints or having to leave home to go to the gym!

The book is priced at £11.99 and you can purchase it here: Amazon – Best Kept Secrets to Health & Vitality

Have any questions? Need help / advice? Ask me!

Bye for now x

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