Health Recovery Consultations

  • Do you want to take back control of your health?
  • Do you need someone to take time to listen to you?
  • Do you want to restore your health, vitality and energy?

If the answer is yes, then take the first step to natural health recovery by speaking to Patricia Ferguson, an accomplished medical herbalist in Croydon, South London. Under her expert guidance, you can rejuvenate your body the natural way …

Whether you are concerned about taking prescription medication, or want to tackle the root of your illness, natural remedies are a safe, effective way to restore your body’s natural function.

When you need to cope with everyday demands or recover from long-term illness, the natural power of healing herbs puts your mind at ease.

What conditions can herbal medicine treat?

Holistic herbal remedies can treat a range of common health problems. Here at Greenleaves Healthcare, our herbal health practitioner specialises in helping patients who suffer from:

Call Patricia on 0845 468 0823 to find out how holistic medicine can support your health recovery. If preferred, you can explain your problem via a private consultation form, and Patricia will contact you.

Combining Herbal medicine with current prescriptions

Since many modern medications originate from plant extracts, herbal remedies effectively (yet gently) treat a host of illnesses. Free from synthetic chemicals, herbal medicine is a safe way to restore your body back to health.

You can also safely use herbal remedies alongside prescription drugs. However, there are specific medications which could interact with a herbal prescription.

In this instance, Patricia advises you to seek guidance if unsure. It is always better to speak to a professional herbalist who will prepare a herbal remedy that’s safe for you to take, than buy over-the-counter remedies and be unaware of their effect.

Herbal Medicine Consultations in South London

Initially, a private consultation is the best way to establish your individual needs. To prescribe the right course of treatment, we always start by asking about your lifestyle, symptoms and medical history.

During your first consultation (approximately 60 minutes) Patricia, a qualified herbal health practitioner, will discreetly:

  • Take a full medical case history
  • Discuss the onset and duration of your illness
  • Note any medication, supplements or remedies currently used
  • Discuss your lifestyle, diet and any other contributing factors
  • Take your blood pressure when required
  • Advise/arrange further diagnostic tests if necessary
  • Prepare a treatment plan and herbal prescription tailored to your needs

As Patricia has many years’ herbal medicine experience, she offers specialist insight into how your herbal remedy prescription can aid your recovery. With emphasis on colonic cleansing and liver care, she can further support anyone who is juggling multiple medications for an ongoing condition.

A herbal medicine prescription might consist of a liquid tincture or distilled aromatic water, taken in small doses two or three times daily. You may also be prescribed skin creams or lotions, where appropriate.

For typical prices, please see our Prescription & Costs page. You can also visit our online shop for a range of complementary natural health products.

How to Book Your Herbal Medicine Consultation

For a qualified medical herbalist in Croydon, South London, call Patricia on 0845 468 0823 to discuss your complimentary medicine needs. Alternatively, fill in a consultation form in the strictest confidence, giving brief details of your complaint, and she will get back to you.

You can choose either a telephone advice session, or see Patricia in person at Greenleaves Herbal Healthcare in Croydon, South London.

30-minute Follow-up Consultations

A shorter follow-up appointment is recommended within two to four weeks after your first consultation to:

  • Monitor progress of treatment
  • Discuss any concerns you may have
  • Receive further nutritional or lifestyle advice
  • Modify your repeat prescription if needed
  • Herbal medicine can break the cycle of ill health, leading to lasting change and greater life-quality.

For more information on how herbal treatments can support your health recovery, please contact Patricia at Greenleaves Herbal Healthcare.