Natural Antibiotics Talk

The Crisis of Ineffective Antibiotics and the Power of Natural Alternatives

Antibiotics are invaluable in many life-threatening situations. However, their misuse is causing a worldwide crisis, as bacteria become increasingly resistant, making infections difficult to treat.

Clinical Herbalist, Patricia Ferguson, will discuss:

  1. The environmental and human costs of anti-biotic overuse.
  2. How to use plants and other natural alternatives to strengthen your immune system against bacterial infections.
  3. Discuss specific remedies that can be made at home in advance and used at the onset of illness.

Date: Sunday 29th October 2017
Time: 9:00 am until 11:30 am
Cost: £7.50

Venue: Vitao, Ground Floor, 25-27 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DW

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Natural Antibiotics Talk £7.50