Raw Food Dehydrator Workshop

Go on, give your taste buds a treat!

This workshop is designed for 1 or 2 people.

Georgeous Raw Fruit Tart

If you think dairy-free, plant-based food is tasteless, think again. In this enlightening raw food workshop in London, you’ll discover the secret to creating delicious, innovative meals using the renowned dehydrator, Excalibur.

Perhaps you’ve recently bought a dehydrator and you’re unsure how to use it? Or you simply want to expand your raw food knowledge? An explosion of flavour awaits you if you’ve never experienced what a dehydrator can do with raw veggies and fruits.

In just two hours, Patricia will:

  • Share best tips and ‘easy-to-use’ techniques
  • Create some favourite comfort foods for you to take away
  • Reveal how to warm up raw winter dishes such as curries
  • Demonstrate how to preserve all the goodness in raw foods

From ‘cooking’ a selection of crunchy crackers and biscuits to yummy bread, quiches and fruit tarts, Patricia proves how easy it is to prepare raw food bursting with taste and texture.

What exactly does the Excalibur do?

A dehydrator uses a fan at low temperature to dry and ‘cook’ food. Though water is removed, food enzymes stay intact. So, you lose none of the flavor or nutrients, and it means fresh food lasts longer. You can even use a dehydrator to safely warm up food without losing any health benefits!

The Excalibur comes into its own if you are considering switching to a raw food diet. Since dehydration intensifies flavour and foods closely resemble ‘cooked’ comfort foods, you can still enjoy crunchy, chewy snacks as well as create fabulous gourmet meals. You just need to know how!

Simply book up a two hour session with Patricia, an experienced raw food specialist. Afterwards, Patricia will post dehydrated food you’ve made. Fruit tarts or quiches can be collected the next day. Not to be missed!

Booking Details

Date & Time: By mutual agreement, including weekends
Duration: Approximately 2 hours
Venue: South Norwood, Croydon, South London

One to One Tuition £87
For Two People £127

After booking, Patricia will contact you to discuss the arrangements. For any other enquiries, please email Patricia or call her on 0845 468 0823.