Privacy Policy

Greenleaves Herbal Health promises never to share your email address or other personal information with any third-party without your prior consent, unless we are under a legal obligation to do so.

We will not email or telephone you in the future unless you have given us your consent (except when you have already sent us an email or contacted us by telephone). We will only use the information we collect about you with your consent to tell you about our services.

On our contact form, you will need to tick the consent box so we have your permission to do so.

Consultation Privacy Policy

The personal information entered on this form will be treated in strict confidence and will be kept in a secure place in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Please note, that confidentiality comes with certain limitations, such as circumstances required by law or local regulations on the protection of children and vulnerable adults, where healers have the obligation to disclose information given by the client if the healer is requested to do so.

Personal information may also be shared with mentors for advice and, under certain circumstances, may be shared with medical professionals and/or our insurance underwriters.