Purifying Acne Masque
Thank you for sending me the sample of your masque. I have just finished using it, and got about 5 applications from it. I have to say it is wonderful. Honestly, the best face masque I have ever tried. I am very much into natural and organic skincare and was impressed with your ingredients. The smell was lovely so was the texture once I mixed it with water. I also loved the feeling once the masque dried. It helped to calm down the redness of my skin and made it less shiny and oily – I have combination/oily skin. I used the masque twice a week as instructed but I also found it helpful to apply it as an emergency only on certain blemishes, after that the blemishes did not feel as sore, red and disappeared faster. I will purchase this masque in the future 100%.

I will certainly recommend your products as they do what they promise to do and the best part about them is that they are 100% natural.

Lucia, Luton

Normally these types of masks are too strong for my skin and cause redness and itching. This one was gentle yet effective. It was easy to use and mix and left my skin really smooth. The next day blemishes were gone or diminished and my teenage daughter also tried it and found same.

Fiona McBride, Glasgow

Patricia has helped me significantly with my acne problem. I used her Purifying Acne Masque once a week for a month and have noticed not only has my acne dramatically reduced, but my skin feels softer and has a healthy glow. The masque is very easy to use and very gentle. I like the way it goes hard on your face but then it is very easy to wash off with warm water. I will most definitely be continuing my use with this product and all of the products Patricia has recommended for my skin, they all seem to be working.

Shae, South London

Face/Body Scrub
Professional makeup artist, Emma Carvell says, I tried the face scrub and the body scrub – comparable to Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, which I love.

Hi Patricia

Thank you so much for the class last week.

Greenleaves Herbal Healthcare’s raw food classes are a really easy way for raw food virgins like me to get a grasp of raw food and healthy eating without feeling like you’re being punished in the taste department! I was shocked when I tasted your cheesecake and realized everything in it would only make me healthier – I literally could have my cake and eat it and I love cake! There are no judgments made on you if you happen to be a slightly larger person nor is there any snobbery, so it’s good for anyone who wants to be healthier. Ruddy brill.


Dear Patricia

I have been transitioning to raw food for several months and whilst I was doing well, I was a little bored with food and people often looked at me strangely when I say I’m high raw. I turned to Patricia needing stimulation and support. I spent a wonderful morning with Patricia, creating apricot cheesecake, creamy strawberry ice cream, crackers and quiche – quite a challenge. The morning was relaxed as we ‘cooked’ and explored our raw food journey. She recommended books that she had found helpful and tasty recipes.

I left feeling inspired to use my brand new dehydrator and practice both established recipes and perhaps even my own variations. What is really great is the fact that I feel excited about continuing with my raw journey.

Thank you very much Patricia.


Allergy Treatment
Many thanks for all your help and support in getting me through a tough time when I found it hard to eat anything, due to my allergies. I am pleased to say your treatments certainly enable me to eat foods I hadn’t been able to eat for a long time.

I am still working on the weight, but unfortunately time seems to run away from me and I never seem to get to the gym anymore. It will happen, but I am just so grateful that you were able to help me make such a difference in my life. I wish you every success in your business and am more than willing to recommend you to anyone who needs help.

K. Bashford, London

I received treatment from Patricia for acne and I was delighted with the results, and the professional dietary and skin care advice given. My acne has improved dramatically and I would certainly recommend Patricia.

J Augustin, London

Introduction to Raw Food

Thank you very much for a very informative day and for sharing your knowledge of raw food. I had a great time and especially enjoyed the hands on experience in preparing the recipes. Your suggestions on various pieces of equipment was invaluable in helping me to decide which items to purchase first and which ones I could manage without until later. I left feeling very inspired with a clear understanding of how to take the next step to going raw.

It was great to be able to take the apricot cheese cake home it tasted wonderful.

Angel Blessings Sharon Tose

Hi Patricia

I had a lot of fun learning how to make raw foods with you on Friday, and I picked up so many useful tips on where to find supplies, and on how to get started with going raw. Thank you for showing me how to make those delicious dishes, and teaching me how to use the equipment for making raw foods. My sister got to taste all the samples I brought home (including the yummy cheesecake you so generously gave us) and that was enough to convince her that raw food is the way to go!

Since attending your class, we’ve both gone 100% raw, and we’re enjoying every minute of it. My parents have visited twice to try the food, and they love it as much as we do.

Thank you!

Regards, Layo

Dear Patricia,

I hope all’s well with you.

I’ve just got back from sunny, warm South Africa and the time before I left was very hectic.

I just wanted to write and say, how much I enjoyed the afternoon we spent together, it was special receiving one-to-one support around developing a raw food life-style. Your suggestions for planning have been invaluable and have helped me to be more organised around shopping and meal planning. Also the recipes were delicious and it was great to be able to take dishes home with me.

You introduced me to new food-stuffs and ways of preparing food. Thank you so much for your vision and expertise.

With best wishes

Anita Mckenzie

Great to meet you on Friday and the class was fab. Learned a lot and the food was delicious, I’ll be certainly adding those to the list – great recipes.

Looking for a mixer etc. and will continue on…

Chris, London

Thanks for all of this information! I’ll try and get my hands on a few pieces of equipment! And thanks so much for the class, i enjoyed it very much, and Olly and my sister loved everything I made which is great news!

Yes, let me know when you have your next raw food dinner party!

Zoe, Kensington

Make a Herbal Remedies Kit Workshop

Just to say that I have attended the Herbal Remedies course on Sunday and it was a very good and informative course, with a very knowledgeable teacher, would definitely recommend it!  Came away with a nice bag of little ointments we have made, which was a great finale to the 3 hour practical, learning session!

Alex, Herne Hill